Laurie interviews another local Legend and 1st Northland boardmaker ..Ross Edge

Laurie interviews 2 more local legends...Tim Frazerhurst & Ian Butt

Laurie interviews Don and Anne Edge

Laurie interviews one of Northlands & NZs finest surfers in the 70s Colin Lowe

Laurie interviews hot Dargaville ripper..Nick Matich

Laurie interviews 'Mr Niceguy' and experienced Northland surfer..Trevor King

Laurie interviews Northland surfing pioneer Terry Knew

Laurie interviews former longboarder turned kneeboarder 57 yr old John Uffindell

Laurie interviews local Northland boy..Tom Pickens

Laurie interviews early day Pataua pioneer Max Atkinson

Laurie interviews 'The Mayor of Pataua" and local legend Dave T Boyd

Laurie interviews 56 yr old Northland 'Goofy' Allan Sykes

Laurie interviews former Auckland boy 64yr old Dave Gould

Laurie interviews couple of Northlands 1st surfing girls... Ainsley (Knight) and Leslie (Ward)

Laurie interviews Sandy bay local and former Christchurch boy Pip Cheshire

Laurie interviews 54yr old Ocean Bch boy Kevin Stiffe

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60s kids finally grow up!

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Surfers 'mana'...( obituary to IZ ) 'Aloha'..

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