INTERVIEWS (on this page)-------Pauline Pullman-----Roger Hall-----Sue Daumiller------Barrey Chappell-----Roger Crisp-----Chris Frazerhurst-------Dennis knight------Mark Wheeler-----Mal Eggington------Dick Robinson------Mike Cooney------Richard Raines, Richard Langmuir and Wayne Williams-----Bill and Irene Durham------Ken Beehre----Laurie Langridge-----Ian Mclean------John and Mary Ralph-----Graham Allen-----Tony Kivell-----Guy Franks-----Jim Nash

Laurie interviews NZ surfing legend Pauline Pullman

Laurie interviews 'Internationally respected' Local boardmaker Roger Hall

Laurie interviews ex-Californian girl Sue Daumiller

Laurie interviews former Waikato boy ...Barry Chappell

Laurie interviews local highflying surfstar and former Auckland boy 'Roger Crisp'

Laurie interviews one of Northlands surfing pioneers Chris Frazerhurst

Laurie interviews local boy and brother of big surfing family..Dennis Knight

Laurie interviews former 'North Shore' Auckland boy (and boardmaker) Mark Wheeler

Laurie interviews Northlands surfing 'workhorse' and Sandy Bay legend Mal Eggington

Laurie interviews local surf legend and 'early travelling pioneer' Dick Robinson

Laurie interviews one of the early pioneers of the local surf community Mike Cooney

Laurie interviews former Waikato boy Richard Langmuir former Auckland boys Richard Raines & Wayne williams

Laurie interviews Northland locals Bill and Irene Durham

Laurie interviews one of Northlands 'heavyweight Chargers' Ken Behre

'Better half' interviews Laurie Langridge

Laurie interviews local boy Ian Mclean

Mike interviews former Monteray (Californian) John Ralph, & former Palmerston Nth girl Mrs Mary Ralph

Laurie interviews one of NZ's best known surfboard makers Graham Allen....Supersession Surfboards

Laurie interviews former well-known Northlands surfing-son Tony Kivell

Laurie interviews Whangarei surfer and 'Marsden Wheeler' Guy Franks

Laurie interviews Maungaturoto boy Jim Nash