This is a little snipett of the type of music we were listening to, as the 1970's came around........was a heavily physcodelic time, with big change in the air as disco was about to hit us as well.....i think Santana could probably take no. 1 place at around '69.....

our favourites---santana--'jingo'------with limited advertising

Santana-----'soul Sacrafice'-------extended drumming

santana----'evil ways' -------woodstock-- '69

earth, wind and fire--------'september'

michael jackson-----'rock with you'

bee gees ------'night fever'

steppenwolf-----'born to be wild'

jimi hendrix-----'all along the watch tower'

Sheena easton--------'9 to 5'

doobie brothers-------'listen to the music'

canned heat-------'on the road again'

tavares--------'heaven must be missing an angel'

hues corporation-----------'rock the boat'